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After the Boston Red Sox defeated the New York Yankees in a dramatic   American League Playoff Series in October, 2004,         I was inspired to write a story against the backdrop of the Boston Red Sox’s forthcoming World Series victory.  Unbelievably, the story was completed prior to the Red Sox’s final championship game—a foreshadowing of the miracles imagined in the story itself. 

In a twist of the Damn Yankees famous story, this book weaves together a variety of historic, religious, social, cultural, and light erotic themes to create a story in which protagonist, Steve,  in league with Leah, the devil's favorite handmaiden, defeats the devil’s plans to start World War III and to kill Steve and Nancy, a fellow Red Sox baseball fan. 

During the story, Steve grows in confidence in both himself and in his Jewish roots to not only thwart these diabolical plans, but to free Leah from the clutches of her master so that she could ascend to heaven as an angel . Boston's famous Durgin Park restaurant is featured in the story.    

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                                     Educational Content of Book

A Note about the Historical Content of this Story

Taking advantage of the fact that Leah in the story has witnessed over 5,600 years of history, I have woven various educational and philosophical concepts throughout the book.  Some of these concepts concern the following: 1) how the religion of Judaism was advanced by various women in the Bible, including references to the lives of Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, Leah, Dina, Tamar, Hannah, Miriam, and Esther;       2) the depiction of the Shechinah in a variety of Renaissance and Catholic art; 3) the roles of lust and love in a sacred relationship; 4) matriarchy and patriarchy, and the civil rights of women in Jewish and early Christian societies; 5) various concepts as they relate to their roles in modern and ancient societies, including prayer, justice, love, sex, mass media, terrorism, and chaos theory; and, as the proverbial advertising expression goes, 6) lots more!   

                Andy Plotkin

 The Red Sox and the Devil's Handmaiden by Andy Plotkin

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