2005 Press Release

 At a recent gathering in Hull, Massachusetts, in what may have been the first “bookless book signing,” Andy Plotkin signed brochures depicting the cover of his forthcoming book, “The Red Sox and the Devil’s Handmaiden” (ISBN 1-4137-8799-1).  A twist of the “Damn Yankees” story, Plotkin’s debut work interweaves themes of contemporary society and ancient religious
morality against the backdrop of last fall’s stunning upset by the Red Sox of its perennial Yankees nemesis, and the team’s subsequent long-elusive World Series win.
  In this magical realism tale, a devout Red Sox fan must come to grips with his religious roots in order to prevent his own death and that of a  fellow fan.  All the while, he tries to ensure the Red Sox victory–and to prevent World War Three–even as he tries valiantly to free the Devil’s
favorite handmaiden from more than five and half millennia of servitude so that she can ascend to Heaven.
     Millie Brown Clarkson, author of “Low Stress Fitness,” says, “Andy’s writing brings universal appeal to quirky situations, blending poignancy, humor, and insight into delightful literary concoctions.”  Racha Mourtada, the editor of www.umbrellastories.com, has this to say of Plotkin’s writing: “Andy’s work is infused with an endearing sense of whimsy and nostalgia. Often drawing on the touchingly personal, it also veers towards the surreal and the magical.”
 Says the author, “I think anyone who follows baseball–especially Red Sox fans–as well as anyone wanting to know more about the famous women in the Old Testament, will enjoy this book.  Devotees of Boston’s renowned Durgin Park Restaurant will also want to read this book, since a major scene takes place there.”
  Publish America, Inc., one of the U.S.A.’s largest publishers, will release the book on August 29th.  Located in Baltimore, Publish America publishes more than 3,000 books a year.
  Andy Plotkin, 58, was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, and resided in the Boston area, including Boston, Arlington, and Sharon, for 33 years, during which time he spent many summers in Hull.  He lived short periods of time in Presque Isle, Maine; Shreveport, Louisiana; and San Antonio, Texas. Plotkin earned three degrees at Boston University, his last a doctorate in sociology.
   Currently, Plotkin resides in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and is the CEO of the Edna Hibel Gallery in Boynton Beach, and a trustee of the Hibel Museum of Art in Jupiter, Florida.  He has just completed “Cry of the Rainforest,” a spy novel set in Malaysia, for which he is seeking an agent.
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