All of my stories, whether short or long, begin from my personal experiences, regardless of how insignificant they may be, over which I place layers of material from my imagination. Throughout most of my stories, I weave concepts that I have gleaned from my studies in the social sciences, religion, and philosophy, and from my readings in the sciences and the arts.  My major goal for my readers is that they receive fun, entertainment, and perhaps a sense of the quirkiness of life from my stories.  After that, if they obtain insights into life and the world around them, I am very happy for them.  And then after that, if readers are moved from the dialogue and interaction among the stories’ characters because their emotions and motivations resonate with their own experiences, I am thrilled for them.  In the off chance that readers find in one of my stories a morally constructive idea to apply to their own lives, I am delirious.

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