Testimonials and Reviews

 “Andy’s writing brings universal appeal to quirky situations, blending
poignancy, humor, and insight into delightful literary concoctions.”
 —Millie Brown Clarkson, Author, Low Stress Fitness
 Andy’s  work is infused with an endearing sense of whimsy and nostalgia often drawing on the touchingly  personal.” —Racha Mourtada, Editor  www.umbrellastories.com
“It is obvious that Andy loves writing, that he puts so much of himself into it, and that is beautiful.”
Jeannette Dean, Editor
 VELVETILLUSION Literary Magazine 
       “Andy Plotkin’s powerful first book, The Red Sox and The Devil’s Handmaiden, is a tribute to a Jew’s faith in his own g-dliness.
       This book, written in the genre of magical realism, weaves together biblical characters into the present day society, in a clever story about the fate of the Red Sox World Series.  Steve, the Jewish protagonist, was given a challenge by the devil.  Only through his heartfelt prayers could there possibly by a chance to not only reverse the decree, but to bring light into this world. 
      Andy Plotkin, the son of the famous artist Edna Hibel and CEO of Edna Hibel Corp in his own right, emphasizes Jewish themes, historical contexts, and simply a fun story that can be used as a spring board for discussion groups, lunch & learns, and seminars.The constant insights of the protagonist is just one of the reasons why you’ll want to keep turning the pages to find out what happens in The Red Sox and The Devil’s Handmaiden.”
                        Laurel Kadouri, Director of Jewish Learning,                       Temple Judea ,Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

 “A quick read on a unique plot.”   Brenda Seligman, CPA, Palm Beach Gardens, FL  

 We were delighted to include stories by Andy Plotkin in our October and November, 2005, issues of http://LadybugFlights.com.  Our readers love creativity and humor and Andy’s work has both.”

Georgia Jones
Editor, LadybugFlights

Andy’s short story, “The Integration Project,” was a finalist in the Jerry Jazz Musician Short Fiction Contest.  Here is the publisher’s review of the story:

    “This story is incredibly tantalizing, involving two opposing and interesting themes:  complex societal problems that challenge a democratic state in a futuristic setting contrasted with traditional issues like flirtation, seduction, and a man protecting a woman.  The dialogue is effective, very well written, and clear.”  –Joe Maita, Publisher, Jerry Jazz Musician Online Magazine

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